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the infinity spile™

Certified NAturally Grown

Maple Hill Farm is now introducing the Infinity Spile™, a newly designed small diameter stainless steel spile.  It fits a tap hole of 5/32 inch and standard maple tubing measuring 5/16 inch.  The new spile also includes two red o-rings, both for an improved seal with maple tubing and better visibility of the spile.


Composed of stainless steel rather than plastic, the Infinity Spile™ can be fully ultrasonically cleaned, and therefore reused indefinitely.  Reuse makes it more economical for long-term maple production and it also forgoes the time and labor that is required every year for removal and replacement of plastic spiles.


The Infinity Spile™ requires a smaller tap hole than a traditional spile does, which takes less time and effort to drill.  It also causes less stress for the tree, as a smaller hole is more quickly healed and presents less risk of bacterial and fungal infection.

The amount of sap flow is entirely dependent on the weather conditions of a given year and there is no such thing as a miracle spile that will guarantee excellent sap flow every year.  Although it can’t turn a bad year into a good year, the Infinity Spile, despite its small diameter, is capable of obtaining the same amount of sap as a larger spile.  The table below displays eight years of production figures for the Infinity Spile as used by Maple Hill Farm.



        Gallons of Syrup

               Tree Taps

























Each spile costs $3.00.  Used plastic spiles can be turned in for 10 cent discounts (limit one discount per Infinity Spile).  All plastic spiles received will be recycled.  If 300 or more Infinity Spiles are ordered, free shipping is provided along with a lightweight hammer and two 5/32 drill bits at no extra charge.  The Infinity Spile is guaranteed against any defects in material or workmanship.

Maple Hill Farm is also offering a new combination maple fitting for only $0.29. This piece functions as a cap for 5/16 inch plastic tubing, that is used in the collection of sap from maple trees.  The wider dimension allows it to fit snugly around the pipe, rather than inside like traditional plugs do.  The wider dimension and placement around the outside of pipe provides a significant advantage over a traditional plug.  This piece will not stretch pipe while it is in place for months throughout the year.  This reduces the likelihood of sap leakage the next year when the pipe is put to use again on the spile.  It also reduces the labor of having to sever stretched ends of pipe before each season. The cap also includes a clip type fastener that allows the pipe to be folded and attached to itself for practical off-season placement.  Additionally, this cap serves a second function as a plug for some traditional spiles.  Serving as a plug, this piece can help keep spiles clean for the next year and also serve as an airtight seal when the entire tubing system is cleaned at the conclusion of the maple production season.


More information can be found by contacting us at (518)-234-4858 or emailing at  mhfarmvcrb@wildblue.net 

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